Part 2: How to manifest a car

Today is part 2 of this little blog series.

Make sure to check out part 1 as well!

Now today I gonna write about the energy. This is a major part in this process and will help to accelerate (or slow down) the attraction process.

In order to be as aligned with the universe as possible, it is important that you FEEL good. Positive thoughts alone are sometimes not enough, you also gotta feel it!

I would nearly go as far and say: as long as you don’t feel somewhat happy/good, don’t write down the list of details at all (part 1). The better you feel, the better you will attract.

If you are thinking about your desire or you are not sure yet what exactly it is, follow your inner guide. If a certain topic comes into your mind (for example: I will attract more money)  : Does this feel good? Or do you feel a knot in your chest when thinking of money?

If you feel good and get excited: that’s the right path! Figure out by asking yourself, in which direction it will go. Does it feel awesome to say “I will attract 10.000€” or even better when you say 100.000€? Or is it feeling not so realistic to you and you feel more comfortable by saying “I attract 2.000€”?

Its important to follow your guts here and stick with what feels right. Of course everybody would love 100.000€ but if it doesn’t feel right you wont be able to attract it. Believe me, I have been there haha.

By asking yourself these questions and listening to your feelings and observing your body’s reaction, you will be able to find the alignment that is right for you at the moment. Not to mention how fast things will come into your life too!!

Besides that, it is of course important, that you feel good in general. The happier and positive you feel, the easier you will keep up the faith and trust the universe. Which means it will come into your life easier and attracts faster!!

This was a hard and looooooong lesson for me to learn to be honest. I always wanted, what my EGO wanted. And as fast as possible. I never listened to my inner self to see what I actually really wanted or needed. Hence the attraction process took sometimes forever or just never happened. Which is very frustrating of course.
I hope it wont take you as long as me (years!!) to figure this out, so here is my post for you 🙂


In case you are not feeling well or happy, just make sure to do things that cheer you up. Meet up with friends, watch a funny movie, do one of your hobbies.

And once again, the above applies: if you THINK this or that makes you happy but it doesn’t feel like it. IT WONT. No matter how funny an idea sounds to you but if your inner feeling or a random thought pops into your head (and it feels good): FOLLOW IT AND DO IT.


I would love to hear what makes you happy!

Let me know in the comments please 🙂

Now…with the perfect energy lined up: HELLO NEW CAR!!!!! 😀







Hello my fellow reader’s,


I was thinking for a while which post I am going to write next. I think I finally came to a conclusion.

This is probably just an observation for myself but maybe someone can relate to this?

Since I started meditating a few months back, I noticed, that meditating opens up a pit of feelings. Very intense feelings.

Depending on your current life-circumstances it can be all wonderful or all painful.

For me it was the later.

I decided to let this feelings and emotions happen. It was always very intense and painful but I figured that this was also a good way to release old and negative thoughts and emotions. It helped me healing.

Now….before I started meditating, I wasn’t ready to face all this. Hence all my adventures last year, that I consciously choose to experience. This was, to simply not confront my feelings that were lurking around.

Another way of numbing myself is/was to watch TV shows. For me, watching TV shows until i feel asleep, worked just fine. The next day I went for work or did something else to not confront my inner feelings that needed to come out.

When I was ready (or maybe only because I started meditating), I eventually learned to face what needed to be faced. And even though I hated it so much, I pushed through it. Might as well get over with it right?

To be fair, it helped big time. I highly recommend it to everybody.

Do not numb yourself. I know it is so painful and you feel like you gonna die because of the pain, but you wont!

When you feel like numbing yourself (having drinks, constantly being “on the go”, unable to be alone, etc.) think of this:

To numb ourselves means, that we need a hug. We need someone to hold us in their arms saying: everything is gonna be okay.

Allow yourself to surround yourself with family and friends. Online Communities can also be a massive help. There is many people out there who went through the exact same or something very similar. Don’t be afraid to ask for some guidance. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and confront your feelings.

Everything will be okay again.