Keep up the bliss

I feel like I should have written way sooner, but then again, things happen in a timely manner, and so does my blog and it’s articles.

The last couple of months have been amazing. Mind blowing even!

I’m pretty sure I finally found THE way for staying on a high frequency and manifesting very fast therefore. Combined with my manifestion-buddy who I see on a daily basis, I just keep experiencing so many awesome things.

I had to start writing them down too since I just couldn’t believe the randomness of it all.

What I would like to share with you today, is something so simply but so profound. It is being mentioned everywhere, you probably see all the quotes on the internet, read it in books or somewhere else. And I’m also pretty sure that I have mentioned it already on here. But one thing is so important to be able to manifest your desire in your life!


You seriously need to take care of your own bliss. This is when the magic starts to happen.

I know it sounds easy. And it actually is!

I remember how I used to force myself to write gratitude-lists or tried thinking about one thing only (that I wanted to manifest) and actually starting to obsess over it.

However what I did not know or realize at the time was, that in order to manifest, you not only have to be clear about it, visualize it or write it down. You also need to feel good. Actually the better you feel and the more you are buzzing, the faster you manifest!

This was such a game changer!!!!!

Once I realized that, I started manifesting EVERYTHING within no time. Even my new car which I still love to drive. I made a little blog-series out of it which you can still read. 🙂

So yes, make sure you laugh a lot, you do things that make you happy, you surround yourself with people that make you happy and BOOM. You will start manifesting in no time.

I will write a little bit more in detail about it but for now….take care of your BLISS.

Maintain it!

Live it!!!!






Opportunities….grab them.

Today I would like to write a little bit about opportunities. I sometimes feel that opportunities are underestimated and looked over. This is obviously not helping when it comes to working towards your goals and dreams.

When you start manifesting and using the law of attraction, you will need to be able to recognize opportunities.

But how do you recognize them?
I made the following experience and thought this worked pretty well.

First we have to differentiate between two main factors:

  • Having a goal set
  • Having no goal set but having a vague idea in your head


The first one is way easier so I would highly recommend to get clear about your intention and future goal/dream. Go into as much detail as possible and make sure you can feel it. Imagine how it would feel like. Don’t get caught up in the “HOW”. We will never know HOW it will happen. This means you have to surrender and believe. (God, Universe, higher self….you name it).

Once you are clear about your goal/dream, you will start to notice things, comments and all sorts of things that you would normally not recognize but now you do. Many people also consider this as signs from the universe.

For example: if you have a certain object in mind (i.e car) that you want to manifest, you suddenly start to see the car-brand/model everywhere.

Or is it a country because you want to move there? How about suddenly seeing flags in relation to it or start hearing about someone who is from that country?

Or is it the new dream-partner you are manifesting? Can you suddenly see all the happy couples around you or notice that there is an advertisement for a single-meet up nearby? (also an opportunity!)

This is when opportunities start to happen! Some of those signs are simply opportunities. Very often we dismiss them because we are lazy or have some kind of excuse. Push out of your comfort zone and go for it.

Let’s say you have the following in mind:

You want a new, better job. (The definition of that job is up to you).

Suddenly you get a new message on LinkedIn about an job offer. Or you talk to a friend and that friend happens to mention a new job opening in their company without realizing you were looking for a new job.

We could easily dismiss that opportunity because you might have a specific job in mind and that wouldn’t suit you. However, are you fully sure? There is an opportunity! So before dismissing it, I highly recommend to look into it and think it over. Is it suitable? Could it lead to the next step?

Often we forget that many babysteps are needed in order to actually reach the big goal.

So are you after dismissing that babystep?


This also ties into the 2nd main factor when you only have a vague idea about your future goal/dream. It is mindfulness and awareness.

I would like to point out that practicing mindfulness and awareness has A LOT of benefits in every aspect of your life.

In this particular post and 2nd factor, it will help big time because:

If you are not fully sure about your future goal/dream, you will be still able to recognize any kind of opportunity in regards of it, because you are mindful and aware.

This means living your life in an aware state of mind. Seeing smelling/experiencing/feeling things , recognizing them, evaluating them and considering how to process the information.

By being very mindful and aware throughout your day, you will not miss a possible opportunity that will serve you reaching your goal. This can be so random and appears to be senseless, however it feels so right and good to do, so by trusting your gut and going for it (surrendering and believing) you will soon harvest the fruits of your planted seeds (in your mind/life/etc.).


I highly recommend to consciously start thinking about opportunities. To realize that they can come in every form and shape. It is essential no not judge and be open minded.

I hope this makes sense to you, my dear reader, and if you require any more information in regards of it, feel free to leave a comment below and I shall answer you J


With love!



Part 2: How to manifest a car

Today is part 2 of this little blog series.

Make sure to check out part 1 as well!

Now today I gonna write about the energy. This is a major part in this process and will help to accelerate (or slow down) the attraction process.

In order to be as aligned with the universe as possible, it is important that you FEEL good. Positive thoughts alone are sometimes not enough, you also gotta feel it!

I would nearly go as far and say: as long as you don’t feel somewhat happy/good, don’t write down the list of details at all (part 1). The better you feel, the better you will attract.

If you are thinking about your desire or you are not sure yet what exactly it is, follow your inner guide. If a certain topic comes into your mind (for example: I will attract more money)  : Does this feel good? Or do you feel a knot in your chest when thinking of money?

If you feel good and get excited: that’s the right path! Figure out by asking yourself, in which direction it will go. Does it feel awesome to say “I will attract 10.000€” or even better when you say 100.000€? Or is it feeling not so realistic to you and you feel more comfortable by saying “I attract 2.000€”?

Its important to follow your guts here and stick with what feels right. Of course everybody would love 100.000€ but if it doesn’t feel right you wont be able to attract it. Believe me, I have been there haha.

By asking yourself these questions and listening to your feelings and observing your body’s reaction, you will be able to find the alignment that is right for you at the moment. Not to mention how fast things will come into your life too!!

Besides that, it is of course important, that you feel good in general. The happier and positive you feel, the easier you will keep up the faith and trust the universe. Which means it will come into your life easier and attracts faster!!

This was a hard and looooooong lesson for me to learn to be honest. I always wanted, what my EGO wanted. And as fast as possible. I never listened to my inner self to see what I actually really wanted or needed. Hence the attraction process took sometimes forever or just never happened. Which is very frustrating of course.
I hope it wont take you as long as me (years!!) to figure this out, so here is my post for you 🙂


In case you are not feeling well or happy, just make sure to do things that cheer you up. Meet up with friends, watch a funny movie, do one of your hobbies.

And once again, the above applies: if you THINK this or that makes you happy but it doesn’t feel like it. IT WONT. No matter how funny an idea sounds to you but if your inner feeling or a random thought pops into your head (and it feels good): FOLLOW IT AND DO IT.


I would love to hear what makes you happy!

Let me know in the comments please 🙂

Now…with the perfect energy lined up: HELLO NEW CAR!!!!! 😀





How to attract a new car (New Blog series)

Hey everybody!

I decided to share my on-going experience with you and since I am in the process at the moment, I thought I will share it straight away.

There is already thousands of books and blog-posts about how to use The Law of Attraction. I think that is awesome!!!
Would you believe that after 7 years consciously using it, I still have to tweak around my process of how I attract things best? Sounds crazy but its not that crazy.

We change the whole time and we experience different things in life that will shape us and lead us to new thoughts, feelings, opinions and so on. Something that might have worked for you years ago, doesn’t work anymore. A natural process.

I’m in the middle of such a phase, my life has changed big time since last year since i focused a lot on LIVING LIVE. Just as my blog-title says. And with circumstances that changed, I changed a lot as a person.

I discovered that my old ways of how I attract things into my life, don’t necessarily work as well anymore. Or not as good. Some more things need to be filled in and I am currently right in the middle of it.

I thought I will go and share my experiences.

Im deeply inspired and motivated my friend Annika who is also known as “The Light Maiden”. Her homepage is:

The Light Maiden

Inspired by her 5 day- manifestion course (FOR FREE!!!), I am going to let you know how everything goes and what my friend Annika also suggests to do and how I implement into my own life.

Since I really really really need a new car (well “new” aka used car but newer than my current one), I will focus entirely on how I attract my new car.

I hope you will enjoy this 🙂

Until tomorrow!