Passion and what your heart desires

Today I would like to share my thoughts about a movie that made me realise something important. It remembered me of something that I already experienced, and it is so re-assuring to see someone-else experiencing the same thing and being remembered of it. It is something that will keep happening throughout life.

To summarize it shortly:

It is about that fire in your soul. The passion! And the feelings that come with it once you follow it.

Let me get more into it.

The movie that inspired me to write this blog post, is called “Maidentrip”. It is about a 14-year old girl who decides to sail the world all by herself (and besides it, setting a new world record). She was born in New Zealand, however was growing up in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch. There has been a court case against her parents (and her) in regards of that idea because the court thought it would be too dangerous.

In the end, the girl and her family won and she was good to go. There is no laws who could stop her from doing so. And even if there was, I’m pretty sure she would have found a way around it.

For 2 years, this girl sails around the world. All on her own. You can see her footage in the movie, there was no follower-boats or people with her. In-between she stops in different countries to experience their culture and landscapes, hence she took her time and did the sailing in 2 years and non-stop (which would have been quicker).

What fascinated me the most:

  • The young age of this girl
  • Her willpower and being so content about her dream
  • Being so incredibly brave to sail the world on her own
  • Not being afraid to be on her own on the boat for long periods of times
  • Already knowing how beneficial it is to explore the world and different cultures
  • Following her dream and living her passion. Sailing!



I was truly impressed by that girl….just sailing around the world. On her own!

Afterwards I was asking myself: What impressed me the most and most importantly: Why did it impress me so much?

First of All: That girl and I share a common interest and passion: We both love the ocean. We love the marina life. We love boats and sailing/traveling on them. My heart sings by just thinking about it.

I deeply resonated with her and this movie because I could vividly feel the passion. I experience it myself every time I am “out on the water”.

Then there is also that fascination and gratefulness for HER because she is able to experience all that since she was basically born. She grew up with it and I think it’s the coolest thing ever to grow into your passion and be blessed with parents who already live it and get you naturally into it to. This thing we have not in common. In fact, I had to discover my passions for myself first. Work for them to make them possible and eventually experience them. She had to work for it too of course.

I do consider myself very lucky still, I’m in my 20’s and already did so many things in my life. Experienced so many different situations, cultures, countries and: PASSIONS.

I know now very well what makes my heart sing. Sometimes in-between I even discover something new that I really enjoy and “gets the fire burning. I am luckily to live them and get to live them. Not on a daily basis but this will happen eventually.

I was so grateful and happy for this young girl who is already able to do all that on a daily basis. At that young age. Isn’t that beautiful!? How amazing are her parents to provide her that possibility and support her along the way? It is just absolutely fantastic.

So this movie reminded me of exactly that. Made me reflect my own life again and realise how lucky I am too (different path) and how important it is to follow your calling or passion and do whatever your heart and soul desires. It is not always that easy but we can most certainly work towards it. With the right attitude and outlook on life you will 100% achieve just that.

I will look more into this topic and all around it. How to get there. How to discover your passion. And what to make of it.

For now,

Have a fantastic day!!

P.S: I manifested my new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Part 1: How to manifest a car

Hi everybody,

Today is Part 1 of this mini-series. Inspired by my friend and by my own little signs & success, I would like to help you attracting your desire as well.

The first step is properly one of the most important ones: Decide and Declare your Desire!

Since I am currently in the process of getting a new car, I will use my new car as an example.

I started with these steps last week.

Number 1:

Take about 5-10 Minutes and think about your next desired object or outcome.

I wrote down a detailed list about what car I want to attract. Here is an example of my list:

I am calling in a:

  • Suzuki (from year 05 onwards)
  • Dark colour (black, blue or dark grey)
  • Tinted windows
  • Less than 150.000 KM on it
  • Mechanically in perfect condition


Something along the lines. As you can see, I didn’t decide on the colour yet. The reason: I like all three of the colours and wouldn’t mind if it’s one of them. If you only like one specific colour, then just write that colour down and focus on that one. The more details the better!

Once you have written down all your details, close your eyes and visualise the car (or whatever you choose). Visualise how it will feel once you have it. Enjoy this feeling and make sure it makes you really excited. Make sure that it is something that you really really want. A burning desire!

Once you have focused on what exactly you are asking from the universe, you can then just put away the list or try get the perfect picture and put it up on a vision board. In my case I don’t have a picture because I want my car to look different and with what I have in mind, there is no picture around. So I will keep visualising it but I have my own reminders every day.

When you are finished with this exercise, declare it!

Tell your friends and family about it! Tell people, no matter who, or do it like me (additionally) and declare it in your blog. Or Social media! Make sure it feels real and right. Maybe it feels way too weird to speak it out loud or you feel uncomfortable with it. If that is the case I would suggest to sit down again and make sure this is really what you want. Or maybe it just needs to be in a different version like different colour, different brand, and slightly different outcome. The better you feel when talking about it, the more it will make sense and you align your energy with the universe. If it doesn’t feel right (yet) it might not be the time (yet).


So here it goes!


That’s it! It’s that easy!

Since I don’t have a time-window for when I want the car, I just leave that open.

The Universe will deliver the perfect lil car for me whenever the timing is perfect!

Now: Of course that’s not it. And it wont just happen like that. But this is a very good start!

In my next part I will write about how you need to feel it. How to get the energy right. To let the universe deliver your wish.

Stay tuned!!!



How to attract a new car (New Blog series)

Hey everybody!

I decided to share my on-going experience with you and since I am in the process at the moment, I thought I will share it straight away.

There is already thousands of books and blog-posts about how to use The Law of Attraction. I think that is awesome!!!
Would you believe that after 7 years consciously using it, I still have to tweak around my process of how I attract things best? Sounds crazy but its not that crazy.

We change the whole time and we experience different things in life that will shape us and lead us to new thoughts, feelings, opinions and so on. Something that might have worked for you years ago, doesn’t work anymore. A natural process.

I’m in the middle of such a phase, my life has changed big time since last year since i focused a lot on LIVING LIVE. Just as my blog-title says. And with circumstances that changed, I changed a lot as a person.

I discovered that my old ways of how I attract things into my life, don’t necessarily work as well anymore. Or not as good. Some more things need to be filled in and I am currently right in the middle of it.

I thought I will go and share my experiences.

Im deeply inspired and motivated my friend Annika who is also known as “The Light Maiden”. Her homepage is:

The Light Maiden

Inspired by her 5 day- manifestion course (FOR FREE!!!), I am going to let you know how everything goes and what my friend Annika also suggests to do and how I implement into my own life.

Since I really really really need a new car (well “new” aka used car but newer than my current one), I will focus entirely on how I attract my new car.

I hope you will enjoy this 🙂

Until tomorrow!

Don’t focus on the result…

I need to share this today.

A short and sweet blog post. This is something that I found so accurate and true, I really want to keep this on my mind.

I saw a video today, a woman was practicing her vocals, with her teacher right beside her giving her tips whilst doing so.

The woman nailed it! Both, her and the teacher were so happy and excited, a pure pleasure to watch.

Then the teacher said “ok, lets do it again”. So the woman started to practice again.

But then the teacher told her, to not go for the result straight away. Because she already nailed it. But rather go into the process of how to reach the result and try figure out how she just did it. Because only that way she will manage the same result again.

Of course she could just nail it without much thinking, but it would be rather luck than technique.

This just struck me.

What an amazing piece of advice. Keeping the focus on the process and how to reach the result. That reminds me of the saying that Happiness isn’t the goal but rather the journey.

Love it!

When you feel like shit

You know what I hate most about feeling down and shitty? That I know, that thinking positive will help. Trying to be positive but not feeling it.

There you have your head telling you one thing and then there is your emotions making you feel the other. What an endless fight.

That’s how I felt most of the time last year (especially for the first few months of 2016)

I went through a tough time by loosing someone very important in my life. I felt upset, sad, frustrated, depressed and simply down.

I knew it would help to focus on good stuff. Stuff that makes me happy. Good thoughts and so on.

But as I mentioned already. Knowing it is one thing but also feeling it is a whole different story.

So how did I overcome that dark phase of mine?

Giving myself some time and allowing me to feel all those feelings. But then again, also pushing myself to not drown in it.

Watching some funny stuff before I went to bed (even though I felt stupid whilst doing so). Surrounding myself with friends to be distracted. Doing things to be distracted in general. Burying my head in work. Getting drunk and wasted.

I wouldn’t recommend all of it but in that very moment it was the only thing that worked for me.

Especially the distraction part. I needed to calm down my emotions or just let the whole thing “calm down” until I was ready to face it. It took me nearly a year until I was ready to face it but the “distraction-phase” was a good one.

If you are in a similar situation, I hope you might find some comfort by reading this.

If not, I hope you just enjoy this blog post(s) in general 🙂

So basically everything went downhill (for me) in February 2016.

I took some weeks for myself, just curled up on the couch or bed and got comforted by my dogs. Watched some TV shows that cheered me up or made me relate to their story to either feel understood or simply to escape reality.

But then the first big distraction aka adventure came up (in March) and I was forced to step outside of my house (besides work or walking my dogs) and face reality again.

I had a trip planned for months and the time was up. I didn’t feel like it but I went for it anyway. Why? Because I knew it would help. Did I like the thought of leaving my house/couch/bed? NO. But then again I knew I had to push myself.

Read in my next post, how I managed my first lil adventure in 2016 that helped me get better for the first time in over a month.