Part 4: How to manifest a car

Hi everybody!

Today comes part 4 of this blog mini-series!!

I am so excited you guys, I seriously can feel the new car coming!! Before I start with today’s part, I would like to share 2 small success stories in relation to how I attract a car!
I hope this motivates you just as much as it does  motivate me!

The other day I was driving along to meet my good friend who I haven’t seen for ages. I was so excited to see him and catch up, so I was in such a good mood. The frequency was up and buzzing!

Whilst driving there, I was noticing, that I haven’t seen any Suzuki’s (car I am attracting) lately and was wondering why. However, I was in such a good mood, that I quickly forgot about it.

2 minutes later a Suzuki passed me coming towards me!!! Exact same model and all. I just couldn’t stop smiling and thanked the universe, I clearly attracted this one by just thinking of it earlier.

Another few minutes passed and guess what. I SAW ANOTHER ONE on the way! I was actually laughing out loud and couldn’t believe it!! So I said: you know what: when I park to meet my friend later, lets see ANOTHER one!!

I quickly forgot about it again, so I continued to drive to my destination. Since I was waiting in the car for my friend, I had a good view of other cars nearby who were parking too.

And guess what!!!!!!!!!! The PERFECT Suzuki just drove in and parked right in front of me! It looked also so close to what I have in mind. I would have bought that one straight away! This was just incredible and I definitely couldn’t stop smiling anymore.

The 2nd story happened a few days later. To be honest, I’m so bad when it comes to being patient. So I noticed how my thoughts drifted off to another car sometimes and caught myself whilst I was thinking how much easier it would be to get this or that car or go with something different altogether. Because the model I want is rare enough to come by, especially with all my wishes and details haha.

I was really close to start looking for something else, just because I am not patient and finally wanted a new car.


I stopped it. It was so hard to do but I forced myself to stop thinking that and stop considering other cars. I had to remind myself of what I am doing at the moment.

And also: how could I write about this here and not following it through myself?

It was a bit hard to be honest but I kept focusing on the Suzuki and went on about my business.

That day I had to meet up with another friend as well and whilst I was waiting outside of his house…..GUESS WHAT: another perfect looking Suzuki just pulled up and turns out it’s his neighbours car!!!!!!! I was sooooooo shocked.

I knew this was the universe sending me a sign again or maybe I just rewarded myself somehow because I forced myself to stick to my plan instead of going the easy route and not sticking to my plan.

I was so happy afterwards, I tell ya!



SO let’s move on to part 4!

It is the part where you or a part of yourself, starts doubting the process. Where your head/mind thinks: this can’t be working, I have to figure out how it will work etc.

Basically you or part of you will start doubting this process. Especially when it comes to the HOW. You try to figure out how it could happen and basically manipulate yourself.

What also can happen is, that you get scarred. Part of you anyway. That part basically doesn’t want you to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new! Because it could be dangerous etc so it tries to protect you. However, it is important that you acknowledge that feeling and tell yourself that it is okay and nothing bad will happen.

This happens to me a lot! Because I often attract something unusual or something new that I haven’t experienced yet and a part of me immediately starts to freak because everything new is also scary sometimes.

Once you are aware of that, you can also work with it. This helps tremendously in the process.

Meditating will help here too.

So be sure to not suppress those feelings in the manifesting process. Let them out, acknowledge them, notice them and work with them if necessary. Be aware of what is going on because being aware will be the main key. You can then see what is going to happen next or what will feel right next.

In case you have any questions in regards of it, please comment below, I would be more than happy to help 🙂



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