Part 4: How to manifest a car

Hi everybody!

Today comes part 4 of this blog mini-series!!

I am so excited you guys, I seriously can feel the new car coming!! Before I start with today’s part, I would like to share 2 small success stories in relation to how I attract a car!
I hope this motivates you just as much as it does  motivate me!

The other day I was driving along to meet my good friend who I haven’t seen for ages. I was so excited to see him and catch up, so I was in such a good mood. The frequency was up and buzzing!

Whilst driving there, I was noticing, that I haven’t seen any Suzuki’s (car I am attracting) lately and was wondering why. However, I was in such a good mood, that I quickly forgot about it.

2 minutes later a Suzuki passed me coming towards me!!! Exact same model and all. I just couldn’t stop smiling and thanked the universe, I clearly attracted this one by just thinking of it earlier.

Another few minutes passed and guess what. I SAW ANOTHER ONE on the way! I was actually laughing out loud and couldn’t believe it!! So I said: you know what: when I park to meet my friend later, lets see ANOTHER one!!

I quickly forgot about it again, so I continued to drive to my destination. Since I was waiting in the car for my friend, I had a good view of other cars nearby who were parking too.

And guess what!!!!!!!!!! The PERFECT Suzuki just drove in and parked right in front of me! It looked also so close to what I have in mind. I would have bought that one straight away! This was just incredible and I definitely couldn’t stop smiling anymore.

The 2nd story happened a few days later. To be honest, I’m so bad when it comes to being patient. So I noticed how my thoughts drifted off to another car sometimes and caught myself whilst I was thinking how much easier it would be to get this or that car or go with something different altogether. Because the model I want is rare enough to come by, especially with all my wishes and details haha.

I was really close to start looking for something else, just because I am not patient and finally wanted a new car.


I stopped it. It was so hard to do but I forced myself to stop thinking that and stop considering other cars. I had to remind myself of what I am doing at the moment.

And also: how could I write about this here and not following it through myself?

It was a bit hard to be honest but I kept focusing on the Suzuki and went on about my business.

That day I had to meet up with another friend as well and whilst I was waiting outside of his house…..GUESS WHAT: another perfect looking Suzuki just pulled up and turns out it’s his neighbours car!!!!!!! I was sooooooo shocked.

I knew this was the universe sending me a sign again or maybe I just rewarded myself somehow because I forced myself to stick to my plan instead of going the easy route and not sticking to my plan.

I was so happy afterwards, I tell ya!



SO let’s move on to part 4!

It is the part where you or a part of yourself, starts doubting the process. Where your head/mind thinks: this can’t be working, I have to figure out how it will work etc.

Basically you or part of you will start doubting this process. Especially when it comes to the HOW. You try to figure out how it could happen and basically manipulate yourself.

What also can happen is, that you get scarred. Part of you anyway. That part basically doesn’t want you to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new! Because it could be dangerous etc so it tries to protect you. However, it is important that you acknowledge that feeling and tell yourself that it is okay and nothing bad will happen.

This happens to me a lot! Because I often attract something unusual or something new that I haven’t experienced yet and a part of me immediately starts to freak because everything new is also scary sometimes.

Once you are aware of that, you can also work with it. This helps tremendously in the process.

Meditating will help here too.

So be sure to not suppress those feelings in the manifesting process. Let them out, acknowledge them, notice them and work with them if necessary. Be aware of what is going on because being aware will be the main key. You can then see what is going to happen next or what will feel right next.

In case you have any questions in regards of it, please comment below, I would be more than happy to help 🙂



Part 3: How to manifest a car

Hi everybody,


I’m so excited to write about the next part….its part 3 of this blog mini-series.

Now…of course we won’t just sit around and wait for the Universe to drop our desire into our lap. Of course you have to do a small bit yourself. You need to take action!

Don’t forget though: It is not your job to figure out HOW your desire is going to be delivered to you. But you should be mindful about your actions in order to keep up the frequency and be able to receive.

If you have written down what kind of car you want and you keep focusing on how it will feel and how the car will smell and how it will look: GREAT! Keep doing it.

I personally get so excited by imagining my new car. I can see it so clearly in front of my eyes since I do it every day. I’m so excited to drive it and I can clearly feel how happy I am and that I will be buzzing in the new car because I know: I ATTRACTED IT.

But as I said, the new car won’t just land in front of your door without you doing much more.

By focusing on the new car and the exact model you want etc. you already make your brain aware. You will probably notice the same car/brand on the roads already and probably keep seeing them everywhere! This will show you, that you are on the right frequency and the universe is sending you signs that the car is indeed on its way to you.

Taking action means pretending and preparing for the arrival of your new car.

What I did so far to attract my new car: I bought a brand new air freshener (my favourite one of course). I bought brand new foot matts. I bought some small items and stickers that I want to put on the car. I keep checking car-sale-pages randomly to see if my car has arrived yet (if it has, I would ring the seller to go have a look at it and test-drive it).

I also made sure that I have my money (budget) ready! Which means as soon as I hear or see my new car for sale, I am ready to go and buy it.

All I need now is literally the car itself J

With small steps and actions like that, you shift yourself into the right mindset and onto the right frequency. This will help the universe to deliver your new car to you as fast as it can.

If it takes a few weeks, don’t be discouraged. Stick to your list and don’t compromise your wishes!


I’m so excited whilst typing this! Not long now and I will have my brand new car (well it’s a 2nd hand car but brand new for me still) J
Till later!!

Part 2: How to manifest a car

Today is part 2 of this little blog series.

Make sure to check out part 1 as well!

Now today I gonna write about the energy. This is a major part in this process and will help to accelerate (or slow down) the attraction process.

In order to be as aligned with the universe as possible, it is important that you FEEL good. Positive thoughts alone are sometimes not enough, you also gotta feel it!

I would nearly go as far and say: as long as you don’t feel somewhat happy/good, don’t write down the list of details at all (part 1). The better you feel, the better you will attract.

If you are thinking about your desire or you are not sure yet what exactly it is, follow your inner guide. If a certain topic comes into your mind (for example: I will attract more money)  : Does this feel good? Or do you feel a knot in your chest when thinking of money?

If you feel good and get excited: that’s the right path! Figure out by asking yourself, in which direction it will go. Does it feel awesome to say “I will attract 10.000€” or even better when you say 100.000€? Or is it feeling not so realistic to you and you feel more comfortable by saying “I attract 2.000€”?

Its important to follow your guts here and stick with what feels right. Of course everybody would love 100.000€ but if it doesn’t feel right you wont be able to attract it. Believe me, I have been there haha.

By asking yourself these questions and listening to your feelings and observing your body’s reaction, you will be able to find the alignment that is right for you at the moment. Not to mention how fast things will come into your life too!!

Besides that, it is of course important, that you feel good in general. The happier and positive you feel, the easier you will keep up the faith and trust the universe. Which means it will come into your life easier and attracts faster!!

This was a hard and looooooong lesson for me to learn to be honest. I always wanted, what my EGO wanted. And as fast as possible. I never listened to my inner self to see what I actually really wanted or needed. Hence the attraction process took sometimes forever or just never happened. Which is very frustrating of course.
I hope it wont take you as long as me (years!!) to figure this out, so here is my post for you 🙂


In case you are not feeling well or happy, just make sure to do things that cheer you up. Meet up with friends, watch a funny movie, do one of your hobbies.

And once again, the above applies: if you THINK this or that makes you happy but it doesn’t feel like it. IT WONT. No matter how funny an idea sounds to you but if your inner feeling or a random thought pops into your head (and it feels good): FOLLOW IT AND DO IT.


I would love to hear what makes you happy!

Let me know in the comments please 🙂

Now…with the perfect energy lined up: HELLO NEW CAR!!!!! 😀





Part 1: How to manifest a car

Hi everybody,

Today is Part 1 of this mini-series. Inspired by my friend and by my own little signs & success, I would like to help you attracting your desire as well.

The first step is properly one of the most important ones: Decide and Declare your Desire!

Since I am currently in the process of getting a new car, I will use my new car as an example.

I started with these steps last week.

Number 1:

Take about 5-10 Minutes and think about your next desired object or outcome.

I wrote down a detailed list about what car I want to attract. Here is an example of my list:

I am calling in a:

  • Suzuki (from year 05 onwards)
  • Dark colour (black, blue or dark grey)
  • Tinted windows
  • Less than 150.000 KM on it
  • Mechanically in perfect condition


Something along the lines. As you can see, I didn’t decide on the colour yet. The reason: I like all three of the colours and wouldn’t mind if it’s one of them. If you only like one specific colour, then just write that colour down and focus on that one. The more details the better!

Once you have written down all your details, close your eyes and visualise the car (or whatever you choose). Visualise how it will feel once you have it. Enjoy this feeling and make sure it makes you really excited. Make sure that it is something that you really really want. A burning desire!

Once you have focused on what exactly you are asking from the universe, you can then just put away the list or try get the perfect picture and put it up on a vision board. In my case I don’t have a picture because I want my car to look different and with what I have in mind, there is no picture around. So I will keep visualising it but I have my own reminders every day.

When you are finished with this exercise, declare it!

Tell your friends and family about it! Tell people, no matter who, or do it like me (additionally) and declare it in your blog. Or Social media! Make sure it feels real and right. Maybe it feels way too weird to speak it out loud or you feel uncomfortable with it. If that is the case I would suggest to sit down again and make sure this is really what you want. Or maybe it just needs to be in a different version like different colour, different brand, and slightly different outcome. The better you feel when talking about it, the more it will make sense and you align your energy with the universe. If it doesn’t feel right (yet) it might not be the time (yet).


So here it goes!


That’s it! It’s that easy!

Since I don’t have a time-window for when I want the car, I just leave that open.

The Universe will deliver the perfect lil car for me whenever the timing is perfect!

Now: Of course that’s not it. And it wont just happen like that. But this is a very good start!

In my next part I will write about how you need to feel it. How to get the energy right. To let the universe deliver your wish.

Stay tuned!!!



How to attract a new car (New Blog series)

Hey everybody!

I decided to share my on-going experience with you and since I am in the process at the moment, I thought I will share it straight away.

There is already thousands of books and blog-posts about how to use The Law of Attraction. I think that is awesome!!!
Would you believe that after 7 years consciously using it, I still have to tweak around my process of how I attract things best? Sounds crazy but its not that crazy.

We change the whole time and we experience different things in life that will shape us and lead us to new thoughts, feelings, opinions and so on. Something that might have worked for you years ago, doesn’t work anymore. A natural process.

I’m in the middle of such a phase, my life has changed big time since last year since i focused a lot on LIVING LIVE. Just as my blog-title says. And with circumstances that changed, I changed a lot as a person.

I discovered that my old ways of how I attract things into my life, don’t necessarily work as well anymore. Or not as good. Some more things need to be filled in and I am currently right in the middle of it.

I thought I will go and share my experiences.

Im deeply inspired and motivated my friend Annika who is also known as “The Light Maiden”. Her homepage is:

The Light Maiden

Inspired by her 5 day- manifestion course (FOR FREE!!!), I am going to let you know how everything goes and what my friend Annika also suggests to do and how I implement into my own life.

Since I really really really need a new car (well “new” aka used car but newer than my current one), I will focus entirely on how I attract my new car.

I hope you will enjoy this 🙂

Until tomorrow!