Hello my fellow reader’s,


I was thinking for a while which post I am going to write next. I think I finally came to a conclusion.

This is probably just an observation for myself but maybe someone can relate to this?

Since I started meditating a few months back, I noticed, that meditating opens up a pit of feelings. Very intense feelings.

Depending on your current life-circumstances it can be all wonderful or all painful.

For me it was the later.

I decided to let this feelings and emotions happen. It was always very intense and painful but I figured that this was also a good way to release old and negative thoughts and emotions. It helped me healing.

Now….before I started meditating, I wasn’t ready to face all this. Hence all my adventures last year, that I consciously choose to experience. This was, to simply not confront my feelings that were lurking around.

Another way of numbing myself is/was to watch TV shows. For me, watching TV shows until i feel asleep, worked just fine. The next day I went for work or did something else to not confront my inner feelings that needed to come out.

When I was ready (or maybe only because I started meditating), I eventually learned to face what needed to be faced. And even though I hated it so much, I pushed through it. Might as well get over with it right?

To be fair, it helped big time. I highly recommend it to everybody.

Do not numb yourself. I know it is so painful and you feel like you gonna die because of the pain, but you wont!

When you feel like numbing yourself (having drinks, constantly being “on the go”, unable to be alone, etc.) think of this:

To numb ourselves means, that we need a hug. We need someone to hold us in their arms saying: everything is gonna be okay.

Allow yourself to surround yourself with family and friends. Online Communities can also be a massive help. There is many people out there who went through the exact same or something very similar. Don’t be afraid to ask for some guidance. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and confront your feelings.

Everything will be okay again.




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