Don’t focus on the result…

I need to share this today.

A short and sweet blog post. This is something that I found so accurate and true, I really want to keep this on my mind.

I saw a video today, a woman was practicing her vocals, with her teacher right beside her giving her tips whilst doing so.

The woman nailed it! Both, her and the teacher were so happy and excited, a pure pleasure to watch.

Then the teacher said “ok, lets do it again”. So the woman started to practice again.

But then the teacher told her, to not go for the result straight away. Because she already nailed it. But rather go into the process of how to reach the result and try figure out how she just did it. Because only that way she will manage the same result again.

Of course she could just nail it without much thinking, but it would be rather luck than technique.

This just struck me.

What an amazing piece of advice. Keeping the focus on the process and how to reach the result. That reminds me of the saying that Happiness isn’t the goal but rather the journey.

Love it!


2 thoughts on “Don’t focus on the result…”

  1. Fabulous – I made it.. The link came up with a different name to the one you’ve used previously and this one works so it must be the ‘old link’ that sometimes comes up on WordPress… Can’t wait to have a catch up on your posts! xx

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