Positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts

This morning, whilst I walked to work, I realized something funny.

Well, I’m more than aware of this for many years, but this was just the perfect example I had to share today.

It is in regards of how you look at things and how much power your thoughts have over you.

So, I was walking towards the office and it was pretty cold. It wasn’t that cold for a long time (2C/39F), so I wasn’t quite prepared for it and felt cold. I could feel the cold creeping into my bones and joints. Automatically your legs feel heavier and heavier and every step made me very much aware of my joints and body. I was uncomfortable.

For a split second, the following thoughts creeped into my mind: What if I am getting old? What if I have an issue with my joints in cold weather? What if I have an issue altogether with my joints?

I remembered an old and very good friend of mine, who would immediately think of such things and she would start to get really worried and afraid.

But (thank god), my normal self kicked in and recognized those thoughts. I had to laugh. Since I started meditating on a daily basis, I am able to control thoughts way better. Its not just controlling, its more noticing them and then evaluating: is this a valid thought? Is this coming from within? Or is this something from the outside that might jumps into my head and therefore not applicable to me (simple: bullshit?)

Meditation is a wonderful thing to do and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, when I recognized and realized that those (negative) thoughts are not really “my” thoughts but just something that comes from the outside or I would have heard before from other people, I figured out quiet quickly that there is no issue with my joints or body.

I had to giggle and walked into the office with a big smile on my face.

Here is the difference:

Are you aware of your thoughts? If not, you might get lost in all the doubts and negative thinking, which makes you feel anxious and full of worry (for who knows how long!!)

If you are aware of them, you can quickly turn them around or simply look at it from a positive angle (positive thinking).

In my example above I came to following conclusion:

It is cold. Yes, my legs feel heavy. But I am perfectly fine and healthy. The cold weather makes me aware of parts of my body that I normally don’t feel that way (joints etc). I’m immediately grateful for my joints, legs, etc.

I smile. Because I feel so much gratitude for my body. I got reminded to feel grateful. So many possibilities I have because of my body .

And with that sudden peace of mind I walked into the office. In the best of mood.

Be aware of your thoughts. They are not always as true as you think they are!



1 thought on “Positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts”

  1. Oh so true.. Our thoughts create our reality in life.. We can think ourselves to an amazing life or a dire one.. the choice is ours and the secret is definitely taking control of our own mind and telling the negative committee in our heads to sit down and shut up! Fab.. x

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