Hello everybody

Wow, it’s been nearly a year since my very first blog post here!

I don’t really know why I didn’t continue writing. Maybe because I am not really a writer. I still would like to share my experiences and last year was just FULL of crazy and awesome ones.

But let me give you some kind of “overview” to understand the upcoming blog posts better.

I would consider myself as a spiritual person, however last year I spent a lot of time in pleasing my ego and chasing up happiness from the outside.

That means I did a lot of things last year to help me feel better after a shitty start into 2016.

The balance between ego & soul was off but that was okay and I consciously went for it.

Anyway, more to that in my later blog posts.

Before I start writing about one of my adventures last year:
You will find following here:

Posts about my travels & adventures

Posts about insights & conclusions about myself, people and life

Posts about events that moved me or left a major impression on me

Posts about some things I really like and would like to share with you


For now,


Stay tuned!


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