Who am I?

You might wonder…if not…that is fine too, I will introduce myself anyway.

I am young woman in her mid 20’s.

I am not ordinary.

I have many interests and hobbies.

I am a positive and grateful person.

I love life’s random adventures.

I love to use the law of attraction.

I love animals and the wildlife and would do anything I could to rescue/protect them.

I love to share my experiences and I don’t mind if I sometimes come across selfish. Because I am. (EDIT a year later: I don’t agree anymore with being selfish. But it felt good to be selfish back then)

I speak 3 languages. I live on one of the northern European Islands.

I have a full-time job and like it.

I love money.

I love freedom.

I love life.

I think these are some important facts about myself and will help to understand some of my adventures better.

I might edit this post at some stage.

But for now this is it.

Be prepared for some cool stuff. 🙂



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