Who am I?

You might wonder…if not…that is fine too, I will introduce myself anyway.

I am young woman in her mid 20’s.

I am not ordinary.

I have many interests and hobbies.

I am a positive and grateful person.

I love life’s random adventures.

I love to use the law of attraction.

I love animals and the wildlife and would do anything I could to rescue/protect them.

I love to share my experiences and I don’t mind if I sometimes come across selfish. Because I am. (EDIT a year later: I don’t agree anymore with being selfish. But it felt good to be selfish back then)

I speak 3 languages. I live on one of the northern European Islands.

I have a full-time job and like it.

I love money.

I love freedom.

I love life.

I think these are some important facts about myself and will help to understand some of my adventures better.

I might edit this post at some stage.

But for now this is it.

Be prepared for some cool stuff. 🙂



Hi everybody

Oh yeeees! Another one of “those” blogs.

For a while, I was thinking of doing it. I always hesitated, because I am not a writer-type-of-person at all. You might notice.

But then again, I think it is the perfect opportunity to share my experiences. To keep them alive. To motivate and inspire more people out there to do the same and just GO FOR IT.

I think this is enough reason to start writing and sharing my stories. Just like my header says “Go for it in life!”

Thanks for joining me in my journey and reading my post’s (in case you do).

I appreciate it 🙂